Printing equipment for wood

Planer material printing

High-resolution printing at speeds up to 300 m/min. Height adjustment; relief cylinder. Mass ink system for low running costs. HP print heads operate at a frequency of 10 kHz, ensuring decent quality even at high speeds. Logos and text are clearly legible.

The FLEXIBLE fixture includes a lead screw for easy height adjustment, and the relief cylinder makes the base plate float precisely over the material, ensuring consistent height and print quality. Multi-head options make the systems suitable for applications such as framing, battens or packing timber. Designs can be reprinted down to the millimeter, for example printing two stamps on 4.8m long pieces or reprinting an ISPM15 mark on wood for packaging.

With an economical bulk ink system, the print heads are fed from a single bulk ink source, resulting in low printing costs. Piezo printheads come standard with this feature; for thermal inkjet systems, it depends on the engineering of the application and the type of system.

höövelmaterjali printimine
printing planer material

Sorting line printer

Prints piece by piece, with PLC editable data. We can provide simple logic systems to control the printer based on the operators joystick or push button inputs. Thermal systems operate at about 100 units per minute, piezo systems up to 300 units per minute. Reduced sliding and automatic height adjustment. To print the top surface of the transverse frame of the cross chains, the system is mounted on a moving cross beam with height adjustment controls according to the thickness. Reduced slip allows printing on bent or twisted parts. Works on isolated pieces or a whole layer. Once the pieces are separated, the design can also be precisely placed on top of each piece. For complete layers, the design can be repeated for all pieces, treating the layer as one piece.

SHARP PRINT QUALITY The high resolution is ideal for printing the entire piece. The information is nicely presented in a limited print area. At slower speeds and within a certain height range, the ski can float over chunks of different thicknesses without adjusting the height.

sorteerliinil printimine
printing on the sorting line

Wood end printer

The characteristics of tip printing are very similar to transverse sorting applications, only the printhead is positioned to print on the tip rather than the top or bottom surface. The print operation is still piecewise and can be used with variable data. The main challenge is to achieve a consistent fair ending position and for the splits to be consistently together or separated. With fixed non-changing data, the printer can treat the entire layer as one piece and repeat the design at the same step as the width of the piece.

SHARP PRINT QUALITY provides excellent high-resolution results and enables printing of machine-readable codes such as EAN barcodes, QR or data matrix formats.

AUTO options include automatic design selection, variable data sending, or barcode printing. The barcode can be fixed to each piece or constructed from a variable data source (such as a length measurement system).

VERSATILE installation is suitable for separate pieces or complete layers. Using a laser sensor, the gap between pieces can be up to 1 mm.

INTELLIGENT Systems are integrated with the customer's own line control or length measurement systems. A barcode validation device is available to check the readability of machine-readable codes or to print the correct code. Even for codes with variable content, the BCV system can adapt it by using "wild card" elements in its programming.

Contact us with the details of your project - we're sure we can help.

puitmaterjali otste printimine
printing the ends of the wood material

Hand printing equipment

Print high-resolution text, barcodes, logos and images up to 1”/2.54 cm high with our new handheld printer. The Bentsai B30 Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) uses water-based inks to print on wood, cardboard and other porous substrates. The size and ease of use of the printhead make it ideal for marking pallet blocks and carriers with ISPM15 HT stamps. The B35 prints at the same size but can use both solvent-based and water-based inks, which is ideal for printing on non-porous materials.

Larger print designs have more impact and greater visibility from a distance. With refillable water-based ink cartridges, the B30 offers both an economical and high-quality printing solution.

käsiprinter puidule
Hand printer for wood