Humidification devices

If the surrounding air is too dry, it causes undesirable dimensional changes in raw materials or finished products. Dry air also causes electrostatic charges, which cause complications in the manufacture of sensitive products. Furthermore, “bad climate” not only slows down production, but also results in more material consumption, reduces worker productivity and increases sickness.

Merlin humidification systems targets and solves all these issues! The state-of-the-art technologies throughout our lineup ensures and guaranties efficiency. The well-engineered, globally proven solutions from Merlin will be so cost effective, our systems usually pay for themselves within the first year.

All Merlin humidification systems are designed to be integrated into existing climate systems as well as to be implemented as standalone solutions.

We offer humidification systems for various industries such as the wood industry, the automotive industry, the printing industry, the plant industry, the electronics industry, warehouses, offices and catering.

Merlin niisutusseade puidutööstuses
Merlin humidification devices for woodworking industry
niisutusseade Merlin ALPHA
Humidification system Merlin ALPHA