Save time and money with our precise sensor technology. Many pieces of wood can be scanned quickly without damaging or leaving holes.
The measuring principle:
To determine the material moisture or the water content of your material, press the moisture meter flat on your product. Within seconds, the moisture meter will show you the water content of the material in the range of the measurable material depth. The moisture analyzer already contains many different product groups and displays the result as a percentage of the moisture content in the wood.

Benefits & Features of the HM9 & EVO series

Fast and highly accurate readings.

Wide density range 10.93 - 67.11 lbs/ft³ (175 – 1,075 kg/m³) with 21 preprogrammed wood species

For a large part of all wood species worldwide

Exact measurements starting at 2 % wood moisture

Fast selection of characteristics

Sturdy housing

Display of wood moisture, dry density, wood group and minimum wood thickness

Display lighting

On-site calibration function

Menu with language selection

Non-damaging pinless sensor

Additional Benefits & Features of the EVO series

Display of temperature in °C or °F

Save measured value and hold function

Very helpful for overhead measurements or for measurements without direct view at the display

Fast evaluation of the wood moisture content (dry | optimal | moist | wet)

According to experiences at the specific application

Merlin pinless wood moisture meters are calibrated at the factory and shipped with a test certificate. A calibration plate is available, if desired.

Merlin HM9 DUO niiskusemõõtja
Wood moisture meter Merlin HM9 DUO
Merlin HM9 DUO niiskusmõõtja
Moisturemeter Merlin HM9 DUO